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LM2717MT-ADJ/NOPB from HK to Poland


SHIPMENT from HK to Poland. Thanks for your trust---my new customer!

LM2717MT-ADJ/NOPB    TI  2018+   1000pcs   2.4USD/pc

• TFT-LCD Displays
• Handheld Devices
• Portable Applications
• Laptop Computers
• Automotive Applications

• Adjustable Buck Converter with a 2.2A, 0.16Ω Internal Switch (Buck 1)
• Adjustable Buck Converter with a 3.2A, 0.16Ω, Internal Switch (Buck 2)
• Operating Input Voltage Range of 4V to 20V
• Input Undervoltage Protection
• 300kHz to 600kHz Pin Adjustable Operating Frequency
• Over Temperature Protection
• Small 24-Lead TSSOP Package

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SHIPMENT from HK to Poland.
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If you want to find electronic component suppliers, please feel free to contact us. We are an electronic component shop in China with 11 years of experience. Also, we can provide BOM/PCB/SMT services.

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